Professional cross-border supply chain service provider


In 2013, XCHANGE opened its doors for business in Los Angeles, California. In less than 10 years XCHANGE has developed into a global freight forwarding network with over 200 employees, serving 800 international customers across 130 countries. Our global network footprint covers North America, Canada, Mexico, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. We have branches in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hainan, China.

XCHANGE strives to become a customer-centric, comprehensive logistics provider covering supply chain and warehousing, cross-border transportation, and other diversified businesses. With a solid network base, strong talent pool, and deep market insight, we create flexible and efficient logistics and transportation options for customers across industries. We will do our best to make logistics give more business value to enterprises and provide the most excellent service experience to our partners and customers.

What can we do?

Import and Export

We have a strong and professional operation team, and have established close cooperation with many commercial shipping companies, and are here to provide you with a variety of supply chain logistics services at any time.

Customs Clearance and Delivery

Our services can assist you at every stage of customs clearance and delivery, helping you plan pick-up and proof-of-delivery solutions that meet your current and future needs.

Warehouse Logistics

We have 500,000 square feet of self-operated warehouse space and provide warehousing and distribution services with partners worldwide.

Import and Export

XCHANGE air-sea import/export services include airfreight ground handling operations, for example, charter handling, and full board unbundling of air board sets, providing you with true integration of service operations. We are able to provide flexible and innovative logistics services across our global network, working with customers to determine the best mode of transportation or multi-modal intermodal transportation based on time constraints, cost, and type of shipment. In order to deliver on time cargo with strict time or special requirements, such as fruit, pets, seafood, temperature controlled, oversized and overweight dangerous goods, artwork, etc.

Clearing Customs and Delivery

A professional multi-lingual team is available 24/7 for your customs clearance with ease. With our U.S.-owned and joint venture trucking teams, warehouse distribution services, and customs clearance agents, we are dedicated to providing efficient services and excellent transportation solutions that satisfy our customers in every aspect of import and export.

Warehousing Services

We promise to store your goods within 48 hours and ship orders within 24 hours. We have a professional overseas warehouse WMS system operation and have docked to major US e-commerce platforms, such as Cainiao. Leave your warehousing and distribution to us to manage so that you save time and no longer worry about the high cost of labor and management.

For Society


From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 ravaged the world, the global Chinese have extended a helping hand to the motherland; we took the lead in organizing overseas Chinese to donate materials during the epidemic, and took the initiative to assume responsibility for the international transportation of anti-epidemic materials, actively communicated with airlines and domestic customs clearance agents, and carried materials in LAX, JFK, ORD, YYZ, YVR, PDX, SEA, etc., building a green channel for cross-border donations of materials.