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What is your vision for the future of the trucking industry?

Feng Mingjuan

XCHANGEBeijing Branch

Freight transportation is a basic industry related to people's livelihood. It is not optional, let alone the change of sunrise and sunset.Moreover, the advancement of technology and the analysis of big data will also benefit the process integration and optimization of the freight industry, so this industry has been advancing and developing.


XCHANGEShenzhen Branch

I have always believed that freight logistics is a very promising industry.Although most people may think that the threshold of the logistics industry is low, the current logistics industry is developing in a diversified way, and it is no longer limited to the previous mode of transportation.In addition, the upstream and downstream extension of the industrial chain and the drive of cross-border e-commerce consumption have led to a substantial increase in the demand for distribution and logistics services. In addition, there are favorable policies in various places to promote the development of the logistics industry, so the future development of this industry is really promising. 


XCHANGEBeijing Branch

Basically, my ten-year career has been in freight-related businesses.I think the freight industry is a very important industry, just like this epidemic may have caused serious damage to certain industries or simply shut down. Although the freight industry has also been affected to a certain extent, it is impossible stop.

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