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Interview with XCHANGE colleagues in North America

XCHANGE that attracts you the most?


Los Angeles CompanyHR

XCHANG Eamong colleagues in the company atmosphere.The way everyone gets along is like old friends for many years. Every festival or birthday, they will prepare surprise gifts for each other. This is the warmth that I have never felt in other companies.It is also worth mentioning that XCHANGE safety of women Once our female colleagues worked overtime very late. Although several male colleagues had already handled the work at hand, they were worried It's too late and we'll have safety issues so stick around until we get off work


Corporate Operations, Los AngelesAssistant Manager, Head of

In this company, I can grow rapidly. The first is professional knowledge Obviously, this job has allowed me to gain access to a wider range of knowledge, and it is not just about freight logistics.There is also personal ability the improvement,XCHANGE gives us enough space to play and show our ability.I think that in a good company, you can clearly feel that it will not restrict you, so it is precisely because of this free space to play that my ability can improve so quickly


New York BranchHead of

XCHANGE!But what I like the most is the "courage”,of this company. This precious courage means that we dare to think, dare to do, and dare to accomplish some goals that others dare not think about.


Los Angeles CompanyOperations Air Freight Team Leader

When I work, I will be highly concentrated, my nerves will be tense, and I will often put some invisible pressure on myself.But every colleague around me is enthusiastic and warm, just like a little sun, they make me relax a lot.

North American: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Canada

China: Beijing,Shenzhen,Shanghai

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